Competitive Bid

Policies and Procedures

Informal competition is acceptable for commodity and service transactions (equipment, materials and supplies) of an amount less than $50,000, unless SDSU determines that competition is necessary to develop sources, validate prices or for other sound business reasons.

Other methods used for soliciting and awarding commodity contracts and formal contracts for services are a Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ) informal prices quotes, and Request for Information (RFI) a means to obtain market information or availability of a desired product of service.

Except in cases where it has been determined that there is but one source for a commodity or service which can properly meet the needs of SDSU, all purchases of $50,000 or more (excluding sales tax and shipping costs) must be formally bid and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications.

See Provisions for Competitive Bidding, for more information.