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Procurement and Payment — Quick Reference Guide

Please find an updated SDSU Quick Reference Guide — Procurement and Payment. A highlight of updates is as follows:

  1. Due to the successful pilot this summer of the direct payment process for food purchases, Purchase Orders (PO’s) are no longer required for any college or department for these transactions.
  2. A list of frequently used natural accounts with descriptions of intended use has been added to the Quick Reference Guide. Some descriptions have changed from what has been previously communicated due to changing reporting requirements of the CSU System.
  3. A new natural account for hospitality expenditures has been created — 66025. Any supplies or services meeting SDSU’s Hospitality Policy should be recorded to this natural account and be submitted with a Hospitality Justification Form.


New Online Order Solution — Campus Market Place

Contract and Procurement Management is excited to introduce you to a new online E-procurement ordering solution. San Diego State University has partnered with fourteen of our sister campuses to develop a one stop shop for ordering using your Procurement Credit Card. The software supplier is ESM and the solution is the “Campus Marketplace.” The ESM Solutions website contains a collection of supplier catalogs, customized with CSU contracted pricing, for many of the items you commonly use. Shopping through the Campus Marketplace could save you as much as 17‰ to 29‰ on purchases. Attached, for your information, are the Current Suppliers on the Campus Marketplace.

If you do not have an account please contact Accounts Payable - PCC (Sharon Danner 4-2915) to request your account set up in the Campus Marketplace. AP – PCC will initiate the paperwork and route to Business Information Systems. Shortly after the account is set up, you will receive an automated E-mail from the ESM ordering solution, which will provide login and password instructions. The process for ordering is similar to any online ordering system and should be fairly simple. We are preparing training sessions to be held at the Administration Building Training Lab, AD233 on the following days and times:

  • Tuesday, March 17th from 2:30 p.m. — 4:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, March 18th from 10 a.m. — 12 p.m.

We will have a representative from Grainger there to demo that site and to provide some handy tools for ordering.

We strongly encourage you to have your account set up before attending the training, to allow you an opportunity to order goods while at the training. Note: At this time, only Pcard holders can order from this website.

We hope you will find this E-procurement process an easy way to obtain your small dollar purchases using competitively bid contracts.


Important Information for Processing Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Procurement

Prior to the beginning of the 2014/2015 Fiscal Year campus policy required a 508 Checklist and/or a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or Equally Effective Alternative Plan (EEAP) for all EIT procurements over $15,000. The campus underwent an audit of our policy/procedure and we received a finding that directed us that all EIT procurements, regardless of the dollar amount, required a completed and approved 508 Checklist and/or VPAT or EEAP. The current policy review is required to determine the product usage and “impact” to the university no matter what the dollar value of the product.

In July, 2014, Contract and Procurement Management initiated the implementation of this change requiring all EIT requisitions have, at a minimum, a completed 508 Checklist approved by the Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) Senior Director. To date, the ETS Senior Director has been monitoring the types of requests submitted to determine those that were considered a low or high impact to the university. His research has resulted in the attached interim policy. Please read the information carefully, keep it handy for easy reference, and we encourage you to forward on to all your colleagues that are involved in the requisitioning or submit requests to you for processing. In addition to the interim policy, we have revised the 508 Checklist to mirror this policy. Attached is a copy for your information. The checklist will be updated on the ATI Website.

When submitting EIT requisitions that fall into the low impact or exempt category (as determined by the attached Interim Policy Memo), please include this in “NOTE TO BUYER: (508 EXEMPT Back-Office) (508 EXEMPT Limited) or (508 Fund Alt)” as it relates to the bullet points one — three in the Interim Policy Memo.

When submitting all EIT requisitions that require the 508 Checklist and/or the VPAT or EEAP or that are for products that have VPATs on file (per the Interim Policy Memo — Bullet four) please include this in the “NOTE TO BUYER: (508 YES).” Be sure to include the 508 Checklist and/or the VPAT or EEAP when submitting your requisitions that require you to complete the 508 Checklist and VPAT/EEAP documents for those requisitions. All requisitions submitted prior to January 1, 2015 pending processing in Procurement that are exempt or are products with VPATs on file (as indicated in the Interim Policy Memo Bullet four) Will be processed without any further action by your department.

The AVP/CIO and SDSU ATI Executive Sponsor and Interim Sr. Director, ETS will continue to review and monitor this interim policy and the final policy will be distributed once they have determined whether any additional processes should be added or deleted.

Questions regarding EIT should be directed to Kent McKelvey at [email protected], or Riny Ledgerwood, ATI Project Manager at [email protected] or phone 619-594-4952.

This announcement with the attachments will be posted on the ATI Website.



In an effort to strengthen communication and relationships with Suppliers / Contractors and provide guidance on basic policy and procedures the attached “New Supplier Information Packet” was developed. The packet outlines the basic do’s and don’ts for doing business with San Diego State University. For example categories such as: obtaining a Purchase Order before shipping goods or providing services, minimum insurance requirements, where to send invoices for payment, and prohibition of suppliers providing gifts or gratuity as a thank you for an award are covered under the packet. Please take a moment to review the packet as it may provide helpful tips to you, our customers on some of the basic requirements for doing business with San Diego State University.

In addition to the New Supplier Information Packet, the document commonly known as the “Payee Date Record Form,” STD 204 has been given a “face lift” and is now the “Supplier Information Form.” The Supplier Information Form has been revised to include updated information such as acceptance of Procurement Credit Card, payment via Electronic Direct Payment or the ability for companies to e-mail the “Supplier Information form” directly to Accounts Payable for processing. Please discard any old forms you may have and update your Web page link to begin using the new form for Suppliers requesting to be placed on the university”s Supplier File.

The New Supplier Information Packet and the Supplier Information Form can be found on both Contract and Procurement Management and Accounts Payable Web sites.