Visitor Parking

Visitors to San Diego State University may pre-purchase parking permits using the:

Purchase of a permit requires vehicle information since the permit is virtual and is linked to the license plate.

Both PayByPhone and our pay stations allow you to extend your parking time via mobile device seamlessly without returning to your vehicle within the PayByPhone mobile application or by entering your cell phone at the time of purchase from a pay station. 

It is recommended to purchase permits through the Aztec Parking Portal before leaving home as the system’s site is easier to navigate.  

Pay stations are located at the following locations:

  • At the Chemical Sciences Laboratory drive through, next to the Parking Information Kiosk located at the corner of College Ave. and Canyon Crest
  • At Parking 3 on level 1 on the north side
  • At Parking 7 on level 2 on the north side
  • At Parking 12 on level 8  on the south side by the footbridge to the arena

All visitor parking stalls are unmarked (no green, yellow, or white bands at the foot of the stall). 

Visitor lots have a "P" on the lot marker sign. Visitors may not park in spaces marked for Service/Vendor (S/V), Special Permit (SP), Electric Vehicle (EV), or Disabled Person (DP) unless accommpanied by a special permit, DMV placard/plate, or are actively charging in an EV space.

A visitor's vehicle displaying a disabled placard, disabled plate, or a temporary H/C placard issued by DMV is required to pay for parking.

Ensure the vehicle is parked properly within the limit lines, with the license plate pointing towards the aisle so that the vehicle’s license plate may be scanned.  Vehicles absent of a paid parking permit, not parked properly with plates properly displayed, or in unauthorized areas are subject to violation. Parking violations vary from $35-$450.


Visitor permits are valid in the following parking areas:

  • Parking 1 Levels 3-5
  • Parking 2B
  • Parking 2C
  • Parking 3 (all levels)
  • Parking 4 (all levels)
  • Parking 6B (PayByPhone Only)
  • Parking 7 (all levels)
  • Parking 8 (PayByPhone Only)
  • Parking 12 (levels 3-8)
  • Parking 15
  • Parking 16
  • Parking 17
  • Parking 17A
  • Parking 17B

SDSU Parking and Transportation Services works directly with Associated Students to support special events occurring at Viejas Arena and Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre.  During large event days, Monday-Thursday, Parking areas 6, 7, and 12 may be closed to ensure parking capacity to support special event traffic.  Notice of closure signs are posted at P7 and P12 at least 3 days in advance on A Frames.  The day of the event, electrical message board signs are posted on Montezuma Road/54th Street and College Ave/Canyon Crest Drive with notifications to park east of College (P3/P4). 

Event attendees are required to purchase a permit at the point of entry, $20 (cash only) dollars per vehicle during special events.  Please arrive early to avoid delays to the event.  

 Should you have any questions, please contact [email protected]