Service Vendor Parking

Parking & Transportation Services issues free short term Service/Vendor "S/V" permits at our Parking Information Kiosk, Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm.  These permits are available to faculty, staff, students and vendors doing business at the university.  Any faculty, staff or student requesting this permit at the kiosk must show their Red Id to obtain the permit.  Students are provided a 30 minute S/V permit, faculty, staff and vendors are provided an hour permit for loading and unloading of materials only.  Vendors must be prepared to show identification and a business card in order to obtain an free one hour S/V permit.

Vendors who will be on campus for longer periods of time should contact Parking & Transportation Services prior to visiting SDSU.  S/V permits issued for longer than one hour require a paid SDSU permit be purchased in addition to the S/V permit.  Permits can be purchased at pay station adjacent to the Parking Information Kiosk or by PayByPhone.

Service/Vendor "S/V" permits allow parking for up to one hour in areas with ground markings/curb lines painted in yellow with signs place in front of the stall(s) signifying areas as S/V only.  S/V permits are not authorized in any other type of stall on campus.

Ensure the vehicle is parked properly within the limit lines, with the permit clearly displayed on the dashboard.  Vehicles not parked properly or in unauthorized areas are subject to violation. Parking violations vary from $35-$450.

  • Parking 4A
  • Parking 6A
  • Parking 7
  • Parking 8
  • Parking 14
  • Parking 15
  • Parking 16
  • Parking 17A
  • Calpulli Garage
  • Student Servcies Garage
  • Various Locations Throughout the Core of Campus

SDSU Parking and Transportation Services works directly with Associated Students to support special events occurring at Viejas Arena and Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre.  During large event days, Monday-Thursday, Parking areas 6, 7, and 12 may be closed to ensure parking capacity to support special event traffic.  Notice of closures occurs via special event closure notification on our webpage and on our closure signs.  Notice of closure signs are posted at P7 and P12 at least 3 days in advance on A Frames.  The day of the event, electrical message board signs are posted on Montezuma Road/54th Street and College Ave/Canyon Crest Drive with notifications to park east of College (P3/P4).  S/V permit holders who are not associated with the event will be redirected to the east side of campus.  Please arrive early to campus early and plan for alternative parking as needed.   

 Should you have any questions please contact [email protected]