Special Permit Parking

Special Permit “SP” areas are parking stalls assigned to departments on campus and are reserved for special permit holders exclusively. These spaces may not be occupied by anyone other than the SP permit holder.  Should one seek a special permit they should do so through their department head.  There is a fee of $30 a month in addition to the employees monthly parking deduction.

All SP parking spaces are painted white at the foot of the stall with the designated SP number.  All Special Permit areas require a paid SDSU permit to accompany the “SP” permit unless provided with a Tan SP permit which is a pre-paid SP permit through the issuing department. Cardstock permits must be displayed on the driver’s side dashboard with the entire permit in clear view from outside of the vehicle. Employees issued an "SP" permit will need to be on payroll deduction and have current vehicle information in the Aztec Parking Portal.  Please note, only parking personnel are able to virtually attach a "SP" permit to a vehicle so if you obtain an new vehicle please contact [email protected]  Valid cardstock “SP” permits issued to guests require a date to be written in ink with a pre-authorized signature provided by the issuing department.  

Ensure the vehicle is parked properly within the limit lines, with the license plate pointing towards the aisle so that the vehicle’s license plate may be scanned.  Vehicles absent of a paid parking permit, not parked properly with plates properly displayed, or in unauthorized areas are subject to violation. Parking violations vary from $35-$450.

 Should you have any questions please contact [email protected]