Red & Black Shuttle



Red & Black Cart Service

The Red & Black Shuttle program is a method of transportation to support your academic success. The Service is intended to provide pick-up and/or drop-off rides for on-campus locations only.  This service is open to all faculty, staff and students. 

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  The shuttle does not operate on holidays or weekends.


University Police Department community service officers will drive five shuttle carts on the green, red, blue, and purple routes. (An ADA cart will be available to accommodate any requests). All routes connect in-front of the Sundial by Hepner Hall, so riders can easily transfer to a new route. 

Green/ FLEX Route (Campus Core) The Green/FLEX route offers nine stops in the core of campus. You can be picked up and dropped off at any location on-demand as you see carts circulating the route.  

Yellow, Blue and Purple Routes (Housing Areas): The Red, Blue, Purple routes feature 11 cart stop locations to housing areas. The Yellow route operates west of campus, the Blue route runs south of campus, and the Purple line runs east of campus. You may be dropped-off or picked-up at any of the cart stops depending on capacity.

See detail route guide here.

 Red and Black Shuttle Routes 2021

Get a Ride!

Riders are encouraged to refer to the DoubleMap Bus Tracker application for real-time shuttle cart locations along each route. University community members will be required to show their affiliation confirmation via the DoubleMap App or your Red ID before boarding.  

How to use the app to show your SDSU affliation:  

  1. Go to the menu in the upper left  

  2. Select SDSU Authentication

  3. Select Log In & enter your email and Red ID

  4. Show the driver your phone, as a SDSU affiliate


DoubleMap can be downloaded from the Apple or Google stores. Follow us on twitter to get updates.


DoubleMap App