Student permits are valid in Student lots only from 6:00a.m. to 1:00a.m. Student permits are valid in faculty/staff parking, except P14 and SP areas from 6:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.  Student permits are sold online. Weekly and monthly permits are also available online. You will be responsible to note the dates of validity for fall, spring and summer permits.
Students living on campus are required to purchase a day & overnight permit (N Permit). You may purchase an overnight permit from a pay permit machine in 3, 7, 12 and the CSL pay stations. Overnight parking is restricted to specified lots; read signs carefully.

There are three different F/S permits available: 10-month payroll deductible permits (Valid for only ten months out of the year: August 15 - June 15), Twelve-month payroll deductible permits, and Semester permits. Payroll deduction permits must be obtained in person at Parking & Transportation Services.  Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Semester permits may be obtained online.  F/S permits are valid only in F/S and Student lots.

Faculty members who have officially retired with "Emeritus" status may obtain a free yearly permit at Parking & Transportation Services with a valid emeritus identification card. The emeritus permit is free unless the individual is participating in “FERP” or is continuing employment. Retired staff of 20 years may receive a free parking permit for up to 12 months unless the individual is an annuitant. The employee must obtain an SDSU ID card from the Aztec Card Office with the appropriate status to obtain the permit through Parking & Transportation Services.

Permits are required at all times. A visitor's vehicle displaying a disabled placard, disabled plate, or a temporary H/C placard issued by DMV is required to pay for parking. Students and F/S are required to display a current SDSU permit with their DMV placard or DP plate. If ADA parking is full in the core you may only park in Service/Vendor or SP 900 spaces. You may not park in any other SP space. If there is an event and we are collecting money payment is required.
Visitors must purchase a permit to park at SDSU.  There are a few options for you to choose from.  You may purchase a pay station permit from the Parking Information Booth, P3 Level 1, P7 Level 2 or P12 Level 8.  You may use the PayByPhone app in all visitor and student lots.  Finally you may purchase a guest permit for the day in advanced from the Aztec Parking Portal.  See Where can I park?
These permits are valid in Service/Vendor (S/V) areas for one hour at a time and then in F/S, Student areas for the remainder of the day. Short-term and long-term business permits may be purchased online through our Aztec Parking Portal. Once you have established an account in our parking system you will be able to purchase permits online.
Parking spaces are painted yellow and are designated Service/Vendor (S/V). These permits are valid in S/V only. S/V permits are not valid in F/S or Student areas. S/V permits are only valid for the time and date listed. S/V permits valid over one hour, must be displayed with a current SDSU paid permit.
These permits, purchased at CSU San Marcos, are valid at SDSU if they are current and the vehicle is parked in the correct lot as designated by the permit.  If you have a virtual CSUSM permit please submit a concurrent employee permit application to [email protected] to request a permit.

When you purchase a permit online you will be required to register your vehicle.  You may only register your personal vehicle, you may not enter the vehicle of another. 

California is now issuing temporary plates for new cars. Please enter this as your temporary license plate in order to not recieve a  citation. Once your physical plate is received please contact Parking Services so we can change your vehicle to the correct plates.

Permit Costs

Semester Permit Rates - A new permit is needed for each semester Fall & Spring

  • Student - $174.00
  • Student / Overnight - $276.00
  • Motorcycle - $37.00

Summer Permit Rates

  • Student - $114.00
  • Student / Overnight - $181.00
  • Motorcycle - $26.00

Pay Stations & PayByPhone Costs

  • 1 - 4 hours $3 per hour         
  • 5 to 10 hours $15
  • Overnight $20
  • Weekend $30

Pay stations are located at: Parking Information Booth, 3 L1, 7L2, and P12 L8.

When using PayByPhone there will be a $0.35 transaction fee per transaction.  When using the pay station there will be a $0.25 transaction fee only if you extend the time.

Section 42201 of Title 5, California Code of Regulations, provides for the waiver of campus parking fees for students with disabilities who have been issued a DMV placard or license plate, and who meet low income requirements. For further information regarding eli-gibility, contact the Student Disability Services Office (Calpulli Center, Room 3101).


To be eligible for a parking refund, your parking permit must be turned in to the Parking & Transportation Office at the time you file your refund application. Refund applications are available at the Parking & Transportation Office. The amount of refund is rounded down to the nearest dollar. No refund is made for amounts of less than $5.

If you are withdrawing and have purchased a parking permit for the term, you must return it to the University to receive a refund. You may turn it in at the Parking & Transportation Office.

Other Permit Cost Information

How do I replace a lost or stolen parking permit?

To guard against theft, carefully follow the instructions on the tab of the permit when affixing the decal to your vehicle. Remember to lock your car doors and windows, as permits are a source of theft. If someone steals your permit, contact Parking & Transportation Services immediately at 619-594-6671 to report the crime. Stolen parking permits will be replaced free-of-charge, provided you have filed a police report with University Police, have demonstrated that your permit was properly displayed, and can show physical evidence that it was in fact stolen.

If you lose your permit, you will be required to purchase a new permit.