Permits & Parking On Campus

SDSU requires a valid paid parking permit to be properly registered to a vehicle's license plate at all times, inclusive of evenings, weekends, and holidays.  There is no grace period for parking at San Diego State University.  Purchase of a permit requires the user register their vehicle when they purchase a virtual parking permit through the Aztec Parking Portal. Daily permits may be purchased online and linked to a vehicle license plate through our PayByPhone mobile application, or by utilizing an on campus pay station.

Permits are non-transferrable and may not be shared with other vehicles.  Parking in violation of regulations may result in a parking citation.

California issues temporary plates for new cars. Please enter this as your temporary license plate in order to not receive a citation. Once your physical plate is received please contact Parking Services so we can change your vehicle to the correct plates.

Please Note:  Depending what residence hall you live, there are differing permits.  Please email [email protected] if you are unsure what permit is needed.  If you are living in a property owned by Aztec Shops you will need to purchase a permit from them.  Here is Aztec Shops Parking Information.  If you are living at [email protected] you may email [email protected] or call 619-399-3099.

Permit Costs

Semester Permit Rates - A new permit is needed for each semester Fall & Spring

  • Student - $174.00
  • Student / Overnight - $276.00
  • Motorcycle - $37.00

Summer Permit Rates

  • Session 1 & 2 Student - $84
  • All Summer Student - $116.00
  • Student / Overnight - $181.00
  • Motorcycle - $26.00

Semester motorcycle "M" permits may be purchased online through the Aztec Parking Portal which grants access to park in any "M" motorcycle stall 24/7. Students and employees who purchase a semester vehicle permit can obtain a free motorcycle semester permit as well. Employees with a payroll deduction permit are eligible for a free annual motorcycle permit. Both types of free permits will be listed and available to access from your parking portal account on the "Get Permits" page.

Pay Stations & PayByPhone Costs

  • 30 minutes $1 - only available on pay stations
  • 1 - 4 hours $3 per hour
  • 5 to 10 hours $15
  • Overnight $20 - Expires at 10:00 p.m. next day - only available on pay stations
  • Weekend $30 - Can only purchase Friday and expires at 10:00 p.m. Sunday - only available on pay stations

When you purchase a pay station permit or a PayByPhone permit, please note they are not valid in faculty/staff (FS), in special permit (SP), or service/vendor (SV) areas.

Purchasing a permit does not guarantee parking.  Pay stations are located at: Parking Information Booth, 3 Level 1, 7 Level 2, and P12 Level 8. Pay stations only accept bills and credit cards and they do not provide change.

When using PayByPhone there will be a $0.35 transaction fee per transaction. When using the pay station there will be a $0.25 transaction fee only if you extend the time.

Section 42201 of Title 5, California Code of Regulations, provides for the waiver of campus parking fees for students with disabilities who have been issued a DMV placard or license plate, and who meet low income requirements. For further information regarding eligibility, contact the Student Disability Services Office (Calpulli Center, Room 3101).

Other Permit Cost Information

Parking Permit Pro-Rated Purchase and Refund Policy

Parking permits are pro-rated depending on when you purchase parking and/or should you need to request a refund.  Refunds are not automatic and will require you contact [email protected] to request a refund.

The pro-rated schedule for purchases and refunds can be found here.  The amount of the refund is rounded down to the nearest dollar. No refund is made for amounts $5 or less. The schedule of refunds refers to calendar days, commencing on the date of the term when instruction begins.  Please note:  if you have any outstanding debt with the university your refund may be applied to the debt.