Aztec Parking Portal

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Please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox When Accessing the Portal

You can purchase permits, pay citations, appeal citations and manage your parking account all on the Aztec Parking Portal (See links above). Please make sure you have your vehicle information prior to purchasing a permit as it will be required the first time you register in the portal.

If you have any outstanding citations associated to your vehicle in the Aztec Parking Portal you will not be able to purchase a permit until all citations have been paid. Additionally, you will always need to link your permit to the vehicle you are driving. If you get a new vehicle, entering the vehicle into the portal is not enough, you will also need to link your current permit to the new vehicle.

First time student, faculty and staff Cheat Sheet. How to link permit to vehicle Cheat Sheet.

  1. What is required to purchase an online permit?

    Credit card and your vehicle information.

  2. What type of permit can I purchase?

    If you are a student you can purchase a daily, weekly, monthly and semester permit online.

  3. Can I purchase more than one permit online?

    No, you may only purchase one permit at a time until the previous permit expires.

  4. Can I register my vehicle and my roommates vehicle to the permit?

    No, the permit may only be registered to your personal vehicle and may not be shared.

  5. I am trying to purchase a permit online and I am getting a message that I have exceeded available permits.

    You may only have one active permit at a time. You must purchase your next permit after the current one expires.

  6. Can I use the parking portal to obtain a payroll deduction permit?

    No, you must obtain your payroll deduction permit in person at Parking & Transportation Services.

  7. I purchased a weekly or monthly permit and choose the wrong dates, how can I fix it?

    Please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 619-594-6671.

  8. Can I come to the parking office to purchase a permit?

    No, all permits are sold online through the parking portal.

  1. My car is new and does not have plates yet, what do I do?

    You can enter the last 7 of the VIN and select "missing plate" as state. Once your plate is received you can edit your vehicle and enter your license plate information and state.

  2. I want to reset my password and I get an error message.

    Make sure the password meets the minimum requirements: must be 9-12 characters, contain at least one numeric value and one special character.

  3. I am trying to set up my portal account and I get the message "the address you entered produced ambiguous results."

    You have more than on parking portal account and in order for it to be corrected you must contact the parking office to have your accounts merged into one account.

  4. I am trying to create an account, but the portal will not let me and says my email address is already in use.

    All Student and F/S accounts are automatically set up for you. All you need to do is click on" retrieve password" to create a password for your account.

  5. What web browser should I use when accessing the parking portal?

    Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.