Media Parking

Media permits are issued at no cost in coordination with San Diego State University's Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Media Relations team. For questions about applying to receive a media permit, please contact the SDSU Media Relations by emailing: [email protected]. Each recognized news organization must submit an application for all vehicles requiring a media permit, as the virtual permit is assigned to each individual news vehicle. The permit is valid from July 1 to June 30 of each year. Upon expiration of the permit, a new application will need to be filed before June 1 of each year. Additional information on the university's media parking policy can be found here.

San Diego State Does NOT recognize media permits issued by the City of San Diego and these permits may not be utilized in lieu of payment of special event fees.  All city media pass holder’s permits are valid on San Diego City property, and are not valid on SDSU parking properties and/or streets. 

Parking permits can be used in any of the campus parking structures or open lots with the exception of parking lot 5, 6A, and 13. At no time is media parking permitted: in front of Hepner Hall, on Campanile, Centennial and Cuicacalli Walkways; next to red curbs; in any ADA parking space, special permit areas; or when blocking a fire lane or fire hydrant. Parking in these areas will result in a parking citation. Failure to comply with university parking regulations will result in the revoking of said permit.

Parking violations vary from $35-$450.  Campus media relations personnel are unable to assist crews receiving tickets. The individual who received the parking ticket is fully responsible for addressing the citation.

SDSU Parking and Transportation Services works directly with Associated Students to support special events occurring at Viejas Arena and Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre.  During large event days, Monday-Thursday, Parking areas 6, 7, and 12 may be closed to ensure parking capacity to support special event traffic.  Notice of closure signs are posted at P7 and P12 at least 3 days in advance on A Frames.  The day of the event, electrical message board signs are posted on Montezuma Road/54th Street and College Ave/Canyon Crest Drive with notifications to park east of College (P3/P4).  Please arrive early to campus early and plan for alternative parking as needed.   

 Should you have any questions please contact [email protected]