Lyft & Uber

Lyft & Uber Update

SDSU is aware that an appellate court granted the companies a temporary reprieve on Aug. 20, and that services will continue in California for the time being. Parking and Transportation Services is actively monitoring the situation and will communicate any impacts. Check this site frequently for updates.

Utilizing Lyft & Uber

SDSU has partnered with Lyft and Uber and have established set pick up points at key locations on campus for your safety. When you use Lyft & Uber please use the pick up points on your phone app as your drop off locations. Due to COVID-19 we turning off the Geofence from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. to allow you to be picked up from any campus location.

Safety TIPs When Using Lyft & Uber

  1. Always request your ride beforehand and wait safely inside or in a well-lit & safe area.
  2. Before getting into the car ALWAYS Match & Ask
    1. MATCH the photo of your driver, the car's make, model, color & license plate
    2. ASK "Who are you here for?" & "What is your name?"
    3. Do not get into the car if any of these are wrong.
  3.  Stay safe while in route.
    1. Sit in the back seat so you can exit through either door.
    2. Share your route info with friends/family by clicking “Share status” (in Uber app) or “Send ETA” (in Lyft app) so friends can track your trip and know when you arrive.
    3. Monitor your route on the app’s map or on your own map

Trust your gut and call 911 if you feel you are unsafe.