Contractor Parking

San Diego State University has many capital projects that take place on campus at varying times of the year.  All contractors and subcontractors hired by SDSU are required to pay for parking when parking on campus.  All contractor permits require the contractor to coordinate purchase of permits through Parking & Transportation Services.  Contractors who wish to purchase parking for their employees will be able to do so. Should the contractor require individual employees purchase their own permits they will have this option once they contact Parking & Transportation Services.  Any vehicles parked in the assigned laydown/project fenced area will not be required to purchase a permit.

It is understood some contractors may have employees that are called to the job site last minute who do not have a permit already assigned/purchased.  Permits may be purchased at the pay station adjacent to the Parking Information Kiosk or by PayByPhone for these situations.

Contractor permits are only valid in the areas assigned to that permit by Parking & Transportation Services.  Contractor permits are not authorized in any other area on campus.

Ensure the vehicle is parked properly within the limit lines, with the license plate visible from the aisle so the vehicle's license plate may be scanned. Vehicles absent of a paid parking permit, not parked properly with plates properly displayed, or in unauthorized areas are subject to violation. Parking violations vary from $35 to $450.

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