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SDSU Transportation Partners

Transportation Partners


Starting Monday, April 13, MTS will start a modified weekday schedule, due to significant declines in ridership as a result of the coronavirus. About 70% of routes will see a frequency and/or span of service change, but no routes will be cut. At this time, only essential trips should be taken on MTS buses and Trolleys (essential workers, groceries, medical, etc.) More info here.



Bicycles are permitted on curbed roadways of campus and on the designated bike path on Aztec Walk and Campanile Mall. All riders are required to follow SDSU regulations and park all bikes at a bike rack. Parking in undesignated locations can result in adminstrataive citations and / or impound of the bike. For more information and safety guidelines please see the Active Transportation Policy & Green Love Bike-Lane Safety Guidelines.


Permits are required at all times when you park on campus. When commuting to campus, follow these helpful tips:

  • To avoid traffic congestion and gridlock on College Avenue, take Montezuma Road to Parking 3 & 4.
  • Arrive early and consider alternative transportation such as public transit, carpooling or biking. Join a carpool at Zimride or iCommute. Take a bus or the trolley, see Metropolitan Transit System.
  • Consider an electric vehicle. SDSU has partnered with several car dealerships to provide discounts to faculty, staff, and students when purchasing electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

SDSU provides EV Charging Stalls throughout campus (see Campus Map). ChargePoint membership is required and can be obtained by visiting: ChargePoint. A SDSU permit is still required when utilizing EV spaces. Those spaces located in F/S areas require a F/S permit.

Ride Sharing with Lyft & Uber

SDSU has partnered with Lyft and Uber and have established set pick up points at key locations on campus for your safety. When you use Lyft & Uber please use the pick up points on your phone app as your drop off locations. Lyft & Uber are not permitted on the core of campus or the inner campus roads unless you are utilzing the Late Night Ride with Lyft.

Safety TIPs When Using Lyft & Uber

  1. Always request your ride beforehand and wait safely inside or in a well-lit & safe area.
  2. Before getting into the car ALWAYS Match & Ask
    1. MATCH the photo of your driver, the car's make, model, color & license plate
    2. ASK "Who are you here for?" & "What is your name?"
    3. Do not get into the car if any of these are wrong.
  3.  Stay safe while in route.
    1. Sit in the back seat so you can exit through either door.
    2. Share your route info with friends/family by clicking “Share status” (in Uber app) or “Send ETA” (in Lyft app) so friends can track your trip and know when you arrive.
    3. Monitor your route on the app’s map or on your own map

Trust your gut and call 911 if you feel you are unsafe.


Zipcar is an 18+ service that gives students access to shared cars with gas, insurance, maintenance, and 180 miles/day included in every reservation. Book cars by the hour or day. Zipcars are self-service and available 24/7 (the keys are right inside the cars!) Zipcars live right on campus, they can be found in Parking Lots 2A and 5 (see Campus Map). There are also Zipcars located at BLVD 63 and Sterling Alvarado Apartments. If you are interested in becoming a Zipster you can join at


The San Diego State University Vanpool Program is one component of the University's broader “Rideshare” Program. This voluntary program provides SDSU faculty and staff, the opportunity to rideshare with other SDSU employees living in communities in close proximity to one another. In providing this opportunity, SDSU is committed to the highest standards of service within the University’s fiscal ability.

The Vanpool Program is administered through Commute with Enterprise. Should you wish to join you may email us here.


Zimride is SDSU's social network for ride sharing. Split the costs by driving fellow SDSU community members and protect the environment. Membership is free. All SDSU staff, faculty and students with a campus email address are eligible to sign-up for our private Zimride Rideshare Community.

SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) also offers the iCommute program, which is free to all students, faculty and staff. You do not need to own a car to participate. You will be matched with others who live near you

iCommute web page and you will be directed to "RideMatcher". Just sign up and start saving.

Waze Carpool is another ride sharing service that matches you with drivers/riders depending on your request. There is a minimal milage fee for riders set by the driver so you know what the cost will be prior to accepting the ride.

Disclaimer: The Waze Carpool promotion is operated by Waze Mobile Ltd. SDSU assumes no responsibility or liability for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with participation in the Waze Carpool promotion or usage of the Waze app and Waze Carpool app.

If you are officially registered with Zimride or iCommute there is only a need for one parking permit for all those in the carpool. So you not only save time and gas, but you save more money and can share the rights to the parking permit (You must be officially registered and be able to provide the names of those matched through these programs to qualify for this benefit).

Buses & Trolleys

Commuting to campus by bus or Trolley is a safe and convenient alternative to driving. The Metropolitan Transit System’s Green Line Trolley has a station right in the heart of campus at the SDSU Transit Center. The Green Line Trolley runs every 15 minutes most of the day and provides access between the SDSU campus and Mission Valley, Fashion Valley, Old Town and downtown San Diego. MTS also has many bus routes that connects students throughout the region. One of the most popular bus routes is Rapid 215 – a high frequency, limited stop service between SDSU and downtown San Diego, serving communities such as North Park, Normal Heights, City Heights University Heights and Balboa Park.

All bus routes serving the university and the Green Line Trolley stop at the SDSU Transit Center, which is conveniently located next to the Aztec Student Union. Discounted semester and monthly transit passes are available to all SDSU students. Don’t need a semester or monthly pass? Try the MTS Compass Cloud mobile ticketing app, purchase a Day Pass for only $6, and get unlimited rides on buses and Trolleys all day long.