Issuance of parking citations by Parking & Transportation Services is granted to our agency through the California Vehicle Code (CVC) 21113(a) and the California Code of Regulations. Our citations are legal and if not paid will result in your vehicle being booted, towed or placing a hold on your vehicle registration. The CVC authorizes us to make our own regulations in conjunction with the requirements of the Code of Regulations. This pertains to all who park at SDSU with or without a DMV placard.

Permits are required at all times.

Please Note

The burden of proof is required by the appellant, not the issuing officer. Citations issued due to lack of knowledge, not seeing information, or receiving information from a source other than Parking & Transportation Services are not grounds for dismissal.

Now that the university has gone to virtual permits we will require that your vehicle license plate face the aisle so the plate may be scanned for a linked permit.  If you back into a parking stall and you have no front license plate, you will be cited $35 for no front plate.