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The Barnacle is a pane of plastic that when placed will cover your windshield, immobilizing the vehicle. It is an upgrade to the standard vehicle boot, providing you the ability to pay citations over the phone or by use of a mobile application.  The Barnacle provides timeliness to those who have had their vehicles immobilized as you no longer have to wait for Parking Services to open or for an officer to respond remove a vehicle boot.  You simply pay your citations, enter in an access code, remove the Barnacle and return it to one of our four conveniently located drop boxes, giving you access to your vehicle when you need it most. 

The Barnacle team are available 24/7 to answer any questions and if you have a special circumstance or need to speak with our team, we are still available to assist you during our normal business hours.

Benefits of Using a Barnacle:

  • Motorist Releasable - no more waiting or delays! Pay, release and return.
  • Vehicle friendly, no potential for vehicle damage
  • Release by calling customer support or by using a smartphone application
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No added costs to end users; standard boot fees have not been increased to utilize Barnacle technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicles that have been issued 5 or more unpaid parking violations that are past due 21 days are in violation of CVC 22651(i)(1) and CVC 22651.7.  Barnacles are installed on the vehicles windshield to immobilize the vehicle until the vehicle owner pays all associated fines. A vehicle boot will be applied in cases that the front windshield has pre-existing damage preventing the application of a Barnacle device.

CVC 26708(a)(1):  A person shall not drive any motor vehicle with any object or material placed, displayed, installed, affixed or applied in or upon the windshield or side or rear windows.

You may call Barnacle’s 24/7 toll-free line at (619) 357-7640 or visit their website, then follow these directions.


Download the Barnacle mobile application on your smartphone from the Google Play or Apple AppStore and follow these directions.

Upon successful payment and removal of the Barnacle, the motorist is required to return the Barnacle device within 24 hours to one of the four drop boxes located on SDSU campus. Should the motorist not return the Barnacle device, they are personally liable for the cost of the device. The Barnacle devices are University Police Property and any theft or damages to the device will be investigated. Any damages or stolen devices will result in applicable fees as defined by the Barnacle’s legal terms and conditions. Please see the following campus map for Barnacle drop box locations.
 Drop boxes are conveniently located at the Chemical Sciences Laboratory, near the Parking Information Kiosk, at Parking 3 level 1 north near the pay station, at Parking 7 level 2 north near the pay station, and outside of Parking 12 level 1 north, across from Recreation Field 103.  Please see the following campus map for on campus drop off locations.
 All Barnacle devices are equipped with tamper/motion-activated alarms that activate and notify University Police in case that a driver attempts to move the vehicle.  Any attempt to remove or damage a Barnacle device shall make the offender liable and may subject the offender to criminal and financial penalties.  San Diego State University assumes no liability for loss or damage to this vehicle or its contents while immobilized.
 A boot fee of $150 is assessed in addition to total parking fees, which is associated to the administrative time needed to complete the immobilization process.
 All parking fines and associated fees must be paid within 48 hours of deployment or the vehicle may be towed, additional fees may apply.

Visit or call (619) 357-7640 to reach Barnacle’s 24/7 customer support and make payments.

 Anyone needing additional assistance may contact SDSU Parking Services during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm at (619) 594-6671 and request assistance of our team.  We will gladly report to your location, assist you with the process and take the device with us.

 Any Apple or Android device can support Barnacle and can be downloaded at:

       Apple Store logo               Google Store logo