Alternative Transportation Committee (ATC)

San Diego State University (SDSU) operates under a shared governance philosophy — where each member of the community (whether faculty, student, staff, or administrator) has an opportunity to weigh in on matters of policy and procedure. 


The purpose of the Alternative Transportation Committee is to assist San Diego State University
in identifying and prioritizing recommended opportunities to improve pedestrian, bicycling, transit and other non-single occupancy vehicle commute modes.  It is our goal to provide members of the campus community equal access to mobility options and to help overcome barriers to its use. This Committee shall remain independent from existing campus parking committees. 

Composition and Meetings

Membership for faculty and staff shall be for a period of two (2) years, staggered to ensure continuity. Students shall be appointed annually. Recommendations for membership from campus constituencies should consider the backgrounds of the persons selected to ensure that students with disabilities and students from disadvantage communities are represented.

The membership of the Alternative Transportation Committee will consist of at least:

      1. Two (2) student; recommended by the President, Associated Students Inc; 1-year term.
      2. Two (2) faculty; recommended by the Academic Senate; 2-year term
      3. Two (2) staff representatives
      4. Transportation Manager/Coordinator; Chairperson; Ex Officio, non-voting member; indefinite term. 
      5. Parking Director; Ex Officio, non-voting member; indefinite term.
      6. Sustainability Coordinator; Ex Officio, non-voting member; indefinite term.
      7. One (1) representative from the Chancellor’s Office, designated by the Chancellor’s Office, non-voting member; indefinite term.
      8. Local transportation agency representatives; Ex Officio, non-voting member; indefinite term (optional).

Should the University be unable to fill any of the positions listed above, the committee shall record efforts the taken by the University to fill them. Members should be representative of individuals who are primarily transit or active transportation commuters.

Regular meetings of the Alternative Transportation Committee will occur at least once per semester. Other meetings may be called as needed by the VICE PRESIDENT OF ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE and/or CHAIRPERSON.


  1. Develop a report of the campus' transportation needs and recommendations to improve bicycle, pedestrian and transit commute mode share.
  2. Provide input to the development of the campus' Transportation Demand Management Plan.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the campus' Transportation Demand Management strategies through cost/ benefit analysis and hourly utilization of various transportation modes.
  4. Identify and recommend Transportation Demand Management strategies to prioritize for campus investment and help request/seek funding for those strategies.
  5. Use campus transportation performance data to recommend new programs and/or changes in strategy.
  6. Assist in determining the need for the construction of new parking assets or improvement of existing parking assets.
  7. In the event of a new parking improvement and/or facility is needed, provide a letter to confirm the recommendation of the Alternative Transportation Committee. 


  1. Education Code Section 89721(i) requires campus parking operations to be self-supporting.
  2. Education Code Section 89701(b)(4) requires the campus to form an Alternative Transportation Committee, and investigate and consider alternative transportation strategies as determined by that committee before any funds can be allocated for the construction of parking facilities.

All Comittee meetings are held via Zoom on the dates below.  For information on meeting login contact PATS.   

  • Silvia Croft, Transportation Analyst - Chair
  • Debbie Richeson, Director PATS - Staff
  • Annde Dodge Schwanz, Division of Research & Innovation - Staff
  • Renata Pawluk, Hospital and Tourism Management School - Staff
  • Vacant - Faculty
  • Vacant - Faculty
  • Alexander Inglis - Student
  • Kristin Larson, Director of Energy and Sustainability
  • Hank Kaplan, CSU Office of the Chancellor, Transportation
  • Erika Saari, SANDAG iCommute - Agency Rep
  • Ariel Kroll, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System - Agency Rep


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