Custodial Services

The Custodial Services department is a devoted group of cleaning professionals. We operate by promoting ethical practices that enhance the integrity, quality, and values of the University's mission statement and its goals. We take great pride in the appearance and cleanliness of the campus and the impact our services has on our lives.

The Custodial Services department strives to provide an atmosphere that will enhance the campus learning environment. Our objectives are to provide the highest level of customer service to our university and our community with best cleaning practices and equipment.

Every student, faculty and staff that enters one of our buildings has the right to a clean, safe and sanitary environment in which to pursue their individual educational goals.  Our goal is to continuously improve the level of cleanliness in order to set the highest standards throughout the CSU system. 

Custodial Services has approximately 3.5 million building square feet to maintain out of sixty-seven (67) buildings.  The cleanable square feet is approximately 2.6 million, with a staff make up of 1 Custodial Manager, 3 Zone Supervisors, and 95 custodians including leads, with each custodian responsible for cleaning approximately 28,148 square feet.

The custodial services department is moving toward a Zone Management approach in managing the cleanliness of campus building.  This is being accomplished through the APPA 5 levels of cleanliness, which are.

  • Level 1 – Orderly Spotlessness
  • Level 2 – Ordinary Tidiness
  • Level 3 – Casual Inattention
  • Level 4 – Moderate Dinginess
  • Level 5 – Unkempt Neglect

Custodial Support:

The Custodial Services department is diligent in supporting the campus sustainability Director and sustainability programs.   Custodial services concentrates efforts in the campus recycling program and continues to evaluate green cleaning products.

Custodial Services supports approximately 173 events across campus to include commencement of approximately 9,000 graduating students.

Custodial Services supports all the Facilities Services shops including Paint, Carpenter, Preventive Maintenance and Plumbing to name a few, from the detail cleaning of a space that was refreshed or remodeled to or that was impacted by emergency maintenance repairs in campus buildings.