Project Timeline

Typical project process timeline for Work Requests submitted by November of year prior to actual construction work:

NOTE: Work Requests for projects which need to be completed and ready for use by next year’s fall semester must be submitted during current calendar year, and no later than last working day in November prior to campus’ Thanksgiving Break closure.

Phase I – Rough Order of Magnitude [ROM]

Development of project scope and rough cost estimate

Dept. Process I

Dept. approval for documents [plans and specifications]

Phase II – Design & Development [D&D]

Development of project documents for agency review and construction

Dept. Process II

Dept. approval for implementation [construction and inspection services]

Phase III - Implementation
Final documentation;

Work Order Submission Phase

Work Request submission step is REQUIRED for initiating Project Management (PM) involvement.

  • Departments determine general scope of construction (renovation/remodel) needed, as well as funding sources for total funding pool, and submit a Work Request to Project Management.
  • Note: Primarily due to CSU & State Agency design and code review requirements, from initial request to turn-key completion (Agency-Approved Occupancy), even simple renovation projects typically require eight (8) months to complete. THEREFORE, November pre-Thanksgiving Break date is cut-off for project requests expected to be completed by beginning of the following year's fall semester.
  • Note: Project Management serves the entire campus community, including auxiliaries. It is important to submit requests as soon as possible. Earlier submissions ensure Project Management can review request and begin process.

Phase I - Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) ($)

Development of project scope and rough cost estimate

  • During this phase a site meeting is scheduled with client to define/refine scope of project.
  • Based on delineated scope, Project Management office will develop rough cost estimate used as Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) for anticipated total project costs (design – construction – administration).
  • Estimate is based on scope-specific cost per square foot analysis, good for approximately +/- 75% accuracy of total project costs.
  • Project Management office will also obtain direction from Campus Deputy Building Official (CDBO) regarding appropriate level of official agency plan review.
  • Once completed, ROM is sent to department for funding approval.

Project Management (PM) Process

Admin Hub

  • Project Management is administration hub between clients and constructors and is responsible for obtaining plan approval from California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) and construction permits from Campus Deputy Building Official (CDBO).
  • Once Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) is determined, it is formalized into project estimate by Project Management and sent to department for funding approval.
    • Estimates for Academic Affairs that exceed $20,000 will also be routed through Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs for approval.
  • Once formal project estimate [ROM] has been received from PM, client/department will have two weeks to approve funding for design & development. If approval is not received within timeframe, minimally, construction project timeline will be extended to reflect delay; potentially project will be flagged for resubmission or dismissed and Work Request would be canceled.

Phase II - Design & Development

  • Upon approval of ROM [Rough Order of Magnitude], and level of financial/scope commitment of client/department, project design will go into either:
    • A) Schematic Development (more exploratory in nature); or
    • B) Construction Document [CD set] Development
  • Schematics, upon completion, are re-estimated (+/-85% accuracy) and must be re- approved prior to creation of CDs (typ. 3+ wks. for smaller projects).
  • CDs go through both department review and Agency Review for multiple levels of compliance (process ranges from 4 to 12+ weeks, depending on project complexity and required agency reviews).
  • CDs then re-estimated (+/- 95% accuracy, dependent on anything unforeseen), and revised/updated Project Estimate is sent for department’s re-approval.

Department Process II

  • New estimate sent to department for approval (NOTE: Approval must be done by individual on Fiscal Authorization Hierarchy (FAH) for account string originally provided).
  • Same 2-week period for approval is initiated (note: quick approvals during Department Processes I & II can shave 2+ weeks off “Project Schedule - Typical Timeline” –- shown on ending PPT slide).
  • Upon approval, Project Management initiates Phase III.

Phase III / Implementation

  • Upon approval of Construction Document (CD set) Project Budget Estimate, Project Management initiates Implementation Phase:
    • Finalize CDs (e.g., adjustments to scope as required by State Agencies)
    • Obtain Permits
  • Bid & Award (if Contract)
    • Establish support contracts as necessary
  • Construct & Inspect (1.5 – 3.5 months –- typically, depending on scope)
    • Close-out:
  • Final • [Punch-lists, Commissioning, As-Built Documentation, Operation & Maintenance Manuals, etc.]
    • Bill Department for Total Project Cost [Billings based on Actuals]
    • File N.O.C. [Notice Of Completion filed w/County Recorder’s Office]


  1. Work Requests can be submitted throughout calendar year. For remodel/renovation projects that need to be completed by beginning of next year’s fall semester, Work Requests from departments must be submitted [1] during current year, and no later than last working day prior to the campus’ Thanksgiving Break, in order for construction to commence.
  2. Work Requests will [2] be processed in order of submission. Site visits will be scheduled, full project scopes determined, and “Rough Order of Magnitude” [ROM] project estimates provided. ROM estimates will [3] be submitted to department for funding approval.
  3. Upon departmental approval of ROM, project will [4] go into either Schematic Phase (more developmental/exploratory in nature) or straight to Construction Documentation Phase in which hard plans are developed and submitted for agency review with full intent of construction implementation.
  4. After either schematic set or full construction documentation set is produced, [5] new project cost estimate and schedule created and, once again, sent to department for funding approval.
  5. Once approved, [6] project permits will be issued, contracts secured, and construction phase initiated. Upon completion, appropriate documentation will be filed and final billing transacted.

NOTE: [1] = August [2] = January (of New Year) [3] = February (of New Year) [4] = March & April (of New Year) [5] = May (of New Year) [6] = June through Aug (of New Year)

Project Management Process and Procedures

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