Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

The police department makes it a priority to provide on-going educational programs and presentations to the campus community.  Presentations and brochures emphasize general personal safety, workplace violence, sexual assault, property and auto theft, drug and alcohol awareness, bicycle safety, domestic violence and identity theft presentations to students, faculty and staff.  

We provide yearly safety training to all housing resident advisors.  The training introduces Police procedures and expectations for handling crimes in progress, hazardous conditions, medical aids, sexual assaults, drug identification and protocols for handling fire alarms.

You are encouraged to make use of these valuable safety programs.  Our police officers would much rather meet you in one of our prevention programs than take a crime report from you regarding an incident that might have been prevented.  We are dedicated to educating the campus community about personal crime prevention strategies to reduce the likelihood of crime on and off campus.

How to Report an Emergency or Crime

The most effective crime prevention device ever invented is your telephone. Use it to call the University Police at 619-594-1991 to report criminal or suspicious activity. In an emergency, such as a crime in progress, dial 9-1-1. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Emergency/duress phones are positioned throughout the campus near buildings and in parking lots; calls are free of charge and ring directly to the communications center. Stuck in an elevator? The emergency phone inside rings directly to dispatcher. Use these phones to report anything out of the ordinary.

C.P.T.E.D. Assessment

Crime prevention through environmental design is a strategy that looks at ways to deter crime.  This can be done through access control, barriers, lighting and landscape designs.  We understand our campus is an urban environment where crimes of opportunity happen.  We are happy to meet with departments faculty and staff to look at ways crime can be decreased. Contact our Community Resource Officer for more information.