Professional Staff

Hepner Hall

The University Police Department relies on the expertise of professional staff that instrumentally support the departments policing and crime prevention efforts. This requires not only expertise but also continued training in many different areas. The professional staff must be proficient in specialized areas.

The staff that support the police department must be continually trained in the law as is relates to records, crime stats, property release, requests for information, and Cleary requirements. Additionally, they must be trained in information technology (IT), multiple software applications, the law as it pertains to parking and citation management and have practical knowledge in the operation and implementation of traffic flow and special events.

The staff must be knowledgeable in many different applications, which are tools to provide the value added service to our campus community and to the police department. The staff needed to fulfill the requirements to support the department is MPP, IT Specialists, Administrative Analyst/Specialists, Administrative Support Coordinators and Assistants and Student Assistants.