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General information regarding the Workers’ Compensation service area.

IMPORTANT: Report all work-related injuries to HR within 24 hours of an incident. Call Jennifer Murray at 619-594-2449 or Jennifer Acfalle at 619-594-1142 for immediate assistance.

San Diego State University is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees. In the event that you experience an injury or illness resulting from employment, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation Temporary Disability or Industrial Disability Leave (IDL) benefits. Enrollment is automatic for eligible employees and is effective on your date of hire.

An injury or illness may be the result of a single incident or from repeated and prolonged exposure to activities or substances at work. It is the responsibility of Human Resources to minimize the impact on you in the event this occurs. It is also our goal to facilitate your return to work as soon as possible. To achieve this goal, we strive to:

Our Workers’ Compensation Program is administered in conjunction with Sedgwick, Claims Management Services.

Areas of service to the campus community.

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