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Parent Information

Parents are a welcome partner to Student Account Services (SAS) because many parents are the ones who are paying the bills for the student’s education. While we understand that you have a need to find out as much information as possible about your son or daughter's financial situation, it is our policy and our duty to protect the student’s information. The university must also follow the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which is a federal law.

Once a student applies to San Diego State University, their educational records are protected under FERPA. Financial records are included as part of the student’s educational record regardless of who is paying for the education. With identity theft issues on the rise, it is vital that we protect our students and the university whenever possible.

If you contact any area within Student Account Services (University Cashiers, University Disbursements or University Collections) or are transferred by any other campus department, our offices will not provide you with student information unless it has been previously arranged in writing by the student. They can do so in person at the Cashiers office – Student Services West Room 2536.

However, there are several options we have designed to assist you in getting the information that you require.

  • The most important way to get information is to communicate with your student. They have been given the tools and information necessary to pay on time and to get you the information that both they and you need. It is also critical that students learn about financial matters from the very beginning so they can become responsible and independent adults.
  • Have your child set up parent/authorized user access to the On-line Student Account Services Web site. It takes just a few moments to set up an account and they can do this on-line. The web site is located at
  • Contact the Parent Programs Staff and provide them with your contact information. Student Account Services will send email to you periodically with information about important events and deadlines related to student fees.
  • Visit our SAS On-Line Help Desk. It contains tutorial and instructions for our on-line services as well as information about frequently asked questions related to Student Account Services. You may also want to visit our web site at There you will find information related to Student Fees and answers to other questions you may have related to a Student's account.
  • The SDSU class schedule also includes important information about Money Matters and is located at

Authorized User Benefits:

  • Your own secure account
  • Personal email sent to your email address when a student account billing is sent to the student
  • Access to financial transactions on a student’s account
  • Access to On-line 1098t forms
  • Access to payment on-line by electronic check or by credit card (MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards accepted).


Information on this Web site is subject to change without notice. Every effort is made to ensure that information is current and accurate. The statements found on this Web site are for informational purposes only.

This page was last updated June 23, 2009