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Students are responsible for knowing the information located in the class schedule related to money matters. Each semester financial policies, Financial Aid disbursements information, deadlines and fees are listed in the class schedule in the Money Matters section. Please see below for the Money Matters links:


Other Important Student Account Services Information for Students


Payment of Registration Fees

Registration Fees are normally due at least 2 weeks before registration. You will not receive a bill for your initial payment of registration fees. If your payment date has already passed, you can pay on-line using a credit card or electronic check. A service charge may apply if you choose to pay by credit card. See payment options on the Student Account Services Web site. If you are unsure as to your payment due date, please look at your “My Registration” page on the Web Portal. Payments can also be mailed to the address on the registration coupon that is available under “My Registration” on the Web Portal. Registration Fee Payments made after the last day of registration before classes begin (see the academic calendar for exact dates) must include a $25.00 late registration fee.

Parking Permit Fees

There are many ways to purchase parking permits. You can buy them by mail, on-line with a credit card or by electronic check, at the bookstore, at the University Cashiers office, the SDSU Card office, or at the Extended Studies Cashiers office. Please don’t wait till the last minute to purchase your parking permit.


The campus provides electronic billing for charges to your student account other than the initial Registration Fee payment. If you receive an E-billing notice from the University, you are responsible for logging into your account and paying your bill. It is your responsibility to check your account regularly. This will ensure that you have not missed an E-bill email. Past due account balances are subject to late fees and loss of certain campus services such as registration, transcripts, etc. Please see the Student Billing Calendar located on our web site.

Financial Aid & Scholarships Disbursements

Direct Deposit Disbursements

All Students must Sign up for Direct Deposit. Financial Aid & Scholarship disbursements normally begin in mid-January for Spring and mid-August for Fall, for students who have signed up for direct deposit and are eligible for disbursement. After the first disbursement, direct deposit is normally run on the following schedule:

Mondays – For disbursement into your account by Thursday

Wednesdays – For disbursement into your account by the following Monday

Friday - For disbursement into your account by the following Wednesday

Please note that the bank does not disburse money into your account on holidays.

Parent Loans

Parent loan checks are always mailed. If the student is eligible for disbursement, the checks will mailed during the first week of classes. After the first disbursement, Parent Loan checks are normally printed on the following schedule:

Mondays - Checks are mailed either Monday or Tuesday

Wednesdays – Checks are mailed either Wednesday or Thursday

Fridays – Checks are mailed either Friday or Monday

If you have questions about your payment or if your financial aid was disbursed, you may access your transaction information on line on the Student Account Services Web Site. Click on Online Student Account Services to log in to your account.


Information on this Web site is subject to change without notice. Every effort is made to ensure that information is current and accurate. The statements found on this Web site are for informational purposes only.

This page was last updated Nov. 04, 2010