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Third Party Agency or Waivers


In some instances, students registration fees may be partially or fully paid by outside agencies or waivers.

If a Third Party Agency is paying your fees:

  • You must submit your fee payment coupon along with your authorization letter from the agency, allowing SDSU to bill them for your fees. Students submitting authorizations to bill a Third Party for their fees will be held responsible for payment if the Third Party Agency fails to pay all or part of their fees within the semester of attendance. The following are examples of Third Party Agencies:
    • Your current employer
    • Military agencies
    • Prepaid state tuition program

If you have been approved for a waiver program that will cover your fees:

  • You must submit your fee payment coupon indicating the type of waiver program along with a check payment for your share of the fees that the waiver does not cover. Some waiver programs also require that you submit an authorization form along with your fee coupon and payment. The following waivers require an approved authorization form:
    • Veterans Affairs (V.A. Fee Waiver)- You must obtain your authorization form from the V.A. Office located in the Student Services West, Room 1575.
    • Employee or Faculty/Staff Dependent Fee Waiver- You must obtain your signed and approved authorization form from Patty Schell in Human Resources (ESCW-4th Floor)



To access your fee payment coupon:

  • Log into WebPortal
  • Go to My Registration Info
  • Click on Paid by Mail

Please take note that all paperwork must be submitted by your fee payment deadline in order for you to register on the date and time assigned to you. Failure to submit the correct paperwork on time may result in your fees being deducted from your financial aid award or may delay your ability to register.

Any questions in regard to a Third Party Agency or Waiver Program paying your fees should be directed to the SDSU Cashiers Office at (619) 594-5253 or email to



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This page last updated April 04, 2012