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Exit Interview Counseling for Student Loans


The Federal Government requires the completion of an Exit Interview for students who are:

  • Transferring to another school
  • Dropping below six units
  • Graduating and not returning to SDSU as at least a half-time student the following semester

If you are currently enrolled at SDSU as at least a half-time student, and will be enrolled at SDSU next semester as at least a half-time student, there is no need to complete an Exit Interview at this time. However, if you take a leave of absence, you WILL need to complete an exit interview at that time.

Exit Interview must be completed for any of the following loans you received while attending SDSU:

  • Federal Direct Loan
  • Federal Direct GradPlus Loan
  • Federal Perkins Student Loan
  • Federal Stafford Loan
  • Academic Endeavor Loan
  • Direct Endeavor Loan
  • University LongTerm Loan

Educational Computer Systems Inc (ECSI) will be assisting SDSU with the Exit Interview process. The purpose of this interview is to provide you with information concerning your responsibilities repayment terms and benefits. It also helps guide you in managing your student loans after college.

For more information, please go to Repaying Your Student Loan.

Completing your Exit Interview

  • Click here to Complete Exit Interview or login to ECSI at:
    Follow these instructions:

    1: School Code: A7
    2: Account: SSN or REDID
    3: Password or Pin Number: If unsure,refer to #3 on the My Account Login page,under "Having problems"
    4: Click on the My Account, Exit Interview link
    5: Follow the instructions for completion
    6: When you complete the exit in full, including the personal data and references, the results will be updated with SDSU.


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This page was last updated Feb. 02, 2011