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E-Billing Information


Student billing statements are sent out on a monthly basis when money is due to the University (see Billing Calendar). Beginning January 2005, student statements will be delivered in electronic format. If you have received a paper statement in the past, you will notice that the eBill looks exactly the same.

Students are sent an email directing them to a secure website to review their bill, so it is important that your email address be kept up to date in your Portal account. One new feature is that the student may set up a parent PIN so that in addition to the student receiving the email, the parent may also receive an email.


  • You will need to have Acrobat Reader loaded on your PC. You can download a free copy from Adobe.
  • Most any up to date internet browser will work.
  • If you are an AOL user: to access the link contained in the SDSU eBill email you will need to copy the link into your web address field.
  • Make sure that your Portal account is kept up to date with your correct email address.


You will be able to click on the link in the email, or you can log on to the Student Account Services Home Page,www.sdsu.edu/sas , go to On-Line Services and click on Download your e-bill.

You log in by using your SDSU Red ID and your SDSU PIN.

View My Bills

Click on View My Bills to see your most recent statement, and prior statements. Your statement will tell you what is due, your due date, and who to contact if you have questions about the bill.

Make a Payment

Payments can be made from the same website, after viewing the bill. Payments made electronically are “real-time”. On the View My Bills page, scroll down toward the bottom under Recent Bills.

Payments can be made in the following ways:

By check: Print the bill and enclose the coupon at the bottom with your check. Mail to the address on the coupon.

By eCheck: Click the link for Pay by Electronic Check and follow the instructions. There is no convenience fee for this service. Make sure that you follow the instructions very carefully and properly input your bank’s routing number and your account number. Returned Electronic checks are treated the same as any dishonored item and you will be charged a $35 fee if your check is returned.

By Credit Card on-line: Click the link for Pay by Credit Card. You will be directed to CashNet SmartPay. Credit cards accepted are Mastercard, Discover and American Express. A convenience fee may apply.

Set Up a Parent PIN

If your parents (or other person) is paying your University charges ( housing, installment plan, TNS charges, etc.) you can create a separate account for them to access your information. They will receive an email in addition to the one you receive. They can also view your bill(s) and make payments.

You (the student) needs to log on to the Ebilling web site at, https://commerce.cashnet.com, Once you have logged on go into "Your Account". Under "Parent PINS" click on "Add New". Fill in the information to establish your parent's user ID and password and click on OK to save.

For your parents to access your account they click on the right of the login screen where it says "Parent, Click Here to Log in to your student's account with your user ID and password."

You can set up multiple parent PINs.

Account Summary and Payment History

We have not implemented these features on the eBilling web site. Please refer to the On Line Services section of the Cashiers Office Home page to see your transaction history.


Questions and concerns should be directed to the University Cashiers Office.

Telephone: (619) 594-5253
Mailing address:

San Diego State University
University Cashiers
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7426

Paper Statements

If for some reason you are unable to accept electronic statements, you have the following options:
1. Come to the University Cashiers Office during business hours and use our self-service kiosk to download and print your statement.
2. Use any of the computer labs on campus to download and print your statement.
3. Come to the University Cashiers Office during business hours and fill out a form stating that you are unable to accept electronic statements. You will receive future paper statements in the mail.



Information on this Web site is subject to change without notice. Every effort is made to ensure that information is current and accurate. The statements found on this Web site are for informational purposes only.

This page last updated June 23, 2009

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