Service Learning Agreements

In June 2010, with collaboration from various colleges, the Agreement form for Service Learning Agreements (SLA) was revised. This updated form was developed to maintain coverage for students and the university, streamline the document format, and meet the needs for both the faculty and university. Any time a student is engaged in an off-campus service learning experience in conjunction with a course for credit, a SLA is needed in order to protect the student and the university. In October 2016, the university procedure for processing all SLA forms became fully electronic.

Service Learning Agreement Master List

The attached Master List of existing Service Learning Agreements continually changes and is provided for information only.

Professional and General Liability Coverage Summaries

Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance Program (SAFECLIP) — for students performing community services or volunteer work for academic credit.

Student Professional Liability Insurance Program (SPLIP) — for students enrolled in Nursing, Allied Health, Social Work, or Educational credential programs performing community service or volunteer work for academic credit.

  • SPLIP Summary — for students enrolled in Nursing, Allied Health, Social Work, or Educational credential programs performing community services or volunteer work for academic credit.
  • SPLIP Certificate of Insurance

General Information

The SLA outlines the CSU’s general liability and professional liability insurance programs which cover students engaged in service learning (named “SAFECLIP” and “SPLIP”) and it more accurately details the responsibilities of the university, the learning activity site, and the student.

These forms are required when executing the Service Learning Agreement:

The blank sections of the SLA must be completed by the appropriate person in your department and the Learning Activity Site. In addition the Learning Activity Site must complete the Internship Site Questionnaire for each placement. Please ensure all of the fields are completed and the appropriate parties at the Learning Activity Site, your department and your Associate Dean have signed, prior to Contract & Procurement Management receiving the agreement.

The university procedure for processing Service Learning Agreements is fully electronic (no paper forms needed).

Learn how to use AdobeSign to complete the Service Learning Agreement, and SLA related forms, online. Online training is conducted by Heather LaPerle, Career Services. For more information and upcoming training dates, see Internship Info for Faculty-Staff.

Reminder: In order for the SAFECLIP or SPLIP insurance to cover the students, a fully-signed agreement must be in place; please ensure that an agreement is executed prior to the start of the service learning experience.

The Best Practices Manual outlines the CSU’s recommended processes for establishing a relationship with an outside organization for service learning (See, Managing Risk in Service Learning CSU Web page).

The SDSU campus does not currently have a Service Learning Office or Service Learning Director, so our process is slightly different than that noted in the Best Practices Manual. A flowchart outlining the process of establishing a service learning relationship is outlined on page seventeen.

Each College Associate Dean should be your first point of contact regarding questions in executing the Service Learning Agreement or the Internship Site Questionnaire. Please feel free to contact the Contract and Procurement Management Office for procurement related questions.