Equipment Rental

Procurement Credit Card (PCC)

For those of you who expect to use this service throughout the year, we recommend that you process your request via Procurement Credit Card (PCC). After you receive the Equipment Rental Request form back from Raphael’s Party Rentals, confirming availability of your request, contact Maxwell Brookler at 858-689-7368, E-mail:, and secure your requirement immediately using your PCC (the campus issued departmental credit card through US Bank, not personal credit card). Once you have provided your PCC information you will receive a receipt via your campus E-mail. When submitting your PCC statement to Accounts Payable, include the Equipment Rental Request form, PCC receipt from Raphael’s Party Rentals, and all appropriate approved justifications. It is imperative that all documents are submitted to ensure appropriate use of state funds and compliance with applicable state and university policies. Note: to correctly record this transaction, you will need to submit a request to add an account to your PCC using “NACCT 61305 Contractual Services.” The form can be found at Accounts Payable Documents and Forms Web page.

Purchase Order

For those who expect to use this service on a one-time basis, you may want to process your request via purchase order. After you receive the Equipment Rental Request form back from Raphael’s Party Rentals confirming availability of your request, submit an online requisition with the form to Contract & Procurement Management for issuance of a purchase order. Remember to include any justification, completion of the Hospitality Justification form, etc. with your request. Please allow ample time for processing of your order. Note: An authorized approved purchase order must be processed by Contract & Procurement Management, prior to your event to secure your rental requirements.

We encourage you to select processing your requirements via PCC for services under this campus-wide agreement. It should prove to be a time saver for you and to provide immediate confirmation of your rental request. Please feel free to contact Contracts & Procurement Management with any comments regarding our new agreement and contractor for these services.