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Environmental Health and Safety

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Accident Reporting and Investigation

All injuries incurred on the job should be reported. The specific procedures to follow for reporting injuries are described in The Center for Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation Web page. Workers’ Compensation forms may be found in The Center for Human Resources, Documents / Forms Web page.

It should be noted that separate requirements exist for “minor” and “serious” injuries. For purposes of this section, a serious injury is any industrial injury or occupational disease which: (1) results in a death, dismemberment, disfigurement, or loss of work time beyond the day of the injury; (2) requires medical treatment other than first aid; or (3) involves exposure to chemical substances in amounts considered hazardous, or substances which are listed as regulated carcinogens.

  • Employees incurring minor injuries on the job must report these to their immediate supervisor. A “Supervisor’s Log” of all injuries must be maintained, either by individual supervisors or in the appropriate department office.

  • Serious occupational injuries, illness, or exposures to hazardous substances (other than those cases described in Item c below) shall be reported to The Center for Human Resources (attention: Benefits Manager) no later than 48 hours after they become known. These injuries shall be reported by The Center for Human Resources to the State Compensation Insurance Fund.

  • In cases of death, dismemberment, permanent disfigurement, or cases requiring inpatient hospitalization, the injury shall be reported immediately to the Benefits Manager. The Benefits Manager shall immediately notify EH&S, then Cal-OSHA.

  • Cases described in items b and c above shall be immediately reported by the Benefits manager to EH&S or the Department of Public Safety (DPS), as appropriate. Either EH&S or DPS, or both, in conjunction with a representative from the injured employee's department, will investigate the circumstances of the incident to determine the cause. Results of the investigation shall be reported on the Accident, Injury, and Illness Investigation Form (Exhibit 2), or on some other form which contains provisions for similar information.

  • Accident or injury “near misses” should also be reported to EH&S, who will assess the situation in the same manner as if an actual accident or injury had occurred.

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