Payment Plan


Pursuant to California State University (CSU) policy 4071, SDSU is offering a payment agreement for multiple unpaid citations or citations totaling $200 or more. At plan enrollment, a minimum initial payment of 10% of the amount owed, plus a $25 enrollment fee, is required. Subsequent payments will be made on a monthly basis as set by SDSU Parking & Transportation Services to the following durations, but citations may be paid in full at any time during the agreement.


A request for a waiver of a citation penalty requires an evaluation of the facts presented in writing to the Parking and Transportation Services Department.  To waive the penalty, it must be established that reasonable or good cause exists based on the facts involved in the actual case.

The SDSU Parking and Transportation Services Citation Review Process, Administrative Hearing Process and Court Administration Process are mandated by California Vehicle Code Article 3, Sections 40200.7 and 40215, which was enacted by the State Legislature, Assembly Bill 408, effective July 1, 1993, and Assembly Bill 1228, effective January 1, 1996. All time restrictions, with respect to different appeal levels, are made pursuant to the aforementioned legislation.

The SDSU Parking and Transportation Citation Payment Process are mandated by AB 503, which was enacted by the State Legislature, Assembly Bill 503, effective July 1, 2018 and requirements mandated by CSU Policy 4701.

If you are unable to pay your citation fine, you may apply for a hearing or request a payment plan under indigent status by requesting a Waiver of Penalty Deposit application.

Eligibility is based upon your household income or whether you are a recipient of public assistance such as Welfare, SSI, Unemployment, etc...If your request for indigent status is approved, a hearing appointment will be scheduled. If request for indigent status is denied, citation fine must be paid in order for the hearing to be scheduled.

Any questions about this process should be directed to SDSU Parking and Transportation Services office at (619) 594-6671.