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San Diego State University has had a system for rental of facilities to non-campus organizations since 1981. The income realized is used to repair and enhance our most heavily used campus facilities such as Peterson Gym, the Dramatic Arts Auditorium, tennis courts, baseball field, etc. Rental rates were established with input from campus departments, approved by the Chancellor's Office, and are reviewed periodically. The rate often does not include costs for opening and closing the facility, utilities, special set-ups, or clean up and any work done by any SDSU staff. These expenses are charged back at actual costs and included in the contract.

All University departments are fee exempt provided the use is related to an academic activity. Groups are charged a fee when (1) they are an off-campus entity, (2) an event is co-sponsored between a campus group and an off-campus group, or (3) money raised by the event goes to a Foundation or other non-General Fund account for purposes beyond reimbursement of direct expenses. Official student groups are considered off-campus in the summer, weekends, and during breaks between regular academic semesters. Student groups that schedule meetings on weekends or during periods when classes are not in session will be assessed a utility and clean up fee. If admission is charged at any student event, the group will also be charged a facility rental fee. Student groups will be responsible for providing a certificate of insurance naming the State of California, its officers, agents and employees as additional insured unless arrangements have been made thru Associated Students.

Co-sponsored events are at 60% of the single rental rate. Co-sponsors must be on premises during the event to ensure clean-up and safety. The sponsoring group shall be responsible for all costs incurred in the course of sponsoring the event.

We do not rent SDSU facilities to (1) groups sponsoring events or classes that duplicate courses taught on campus, or (2) companies who wish to use the facilities for regularly scheduled money-making classes or meetings over a period of time.

First priority is given to the academic community, after which non-academic university-related activities such as summer conference programs, auxiliary organizations and clubs and then to the public on a first-come first-served basis.

The lead time is flexible, always dependent on the academic schedule which takes precedence. On occasion, space may be rented immediately if there is no scheduled class or athletic activity taking place.

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NEW Facilities Rental Handbook February 2017

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