Organizational Chart

 Kimberly Carnot

(619) 594-4967

[email protected]

Cesar Romero

Assistant Director of Facilities and Project Services
(619) 594-4968
[email protected]

Donna Stewart

Assistant Director of Projects and Operation Services
(619) 594-0180

Benita Mann

Assistant Director of Housing Facilities Services
(619) 594-5615
[email protected]

Lewis Hughes

Assistant Director of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
(619) 594-2801
[email protected]

Tom Abram

Assistant Director of Sustainability
(619) 594-0550
[email protected]

Joshua Koss

Landscape Services Manager
(619) 594-1793
[email protected]

Frank Doucette

Housing Manager of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
(619) 594-2806
[email protected]

Chad Dragan

Service Center Manager
(619) 594-4755
[email protected]

Michael Killian

Housing Custodial Manager
(619) 594-3009
[email protected]