Process & Procedures

Project Requirements

  • Renovation/remodel requests must be submitted at least 6-8 months prior to preferred  completion date. This allows for 3-month planning time involved. 
  • All projects need to be estimated, approved and funded prior to the start of any work.
  • Project requests will be reviewed and assessed for assignment to either Facilities Services or Project Management. Generally, projects are completed by multiple trade shops with possibility of involvement by outside contractors.
  • Complete and submit a Work Request. An experienced team member will contact you to review the plan and necessary steps involved. Together, we'll work toward getting your project started!



    Our receipt deadline for new work orders is 4/9/18.
    Due to current fiscal year-end close out, no estimates can be provided for this fiscal year.  Project estimates for FY 2018-2019 will resume during Summer 2018, date TBA.

Project Considerations

  • Due to approval requirements, even small projects take up to eight (8) months, start to finish. From date of Work Request submittal to project completion, this includes design, building code reviews, and scheduling of work.
  • Project Management strives to accommodate your work as requested and completion date preferences. Allowances include the necessary planning, design, and scheduling factors involved with each project.
  • Typically, projects are scheduled for during campus breaks. Therefore, the sooner project requests are submitted during the semester, the sooner projects can be queued. (Note: Requests submitted close to end of the semester run the risk of Project Management's resources already being at capacity and preferred completion dates needing adjustment.)

Following is a typical project process, highlighting the involved phases and detailed steps provided by Project Management.  Work requests can be submitted throughout the calendar year; however, this spotlights a request submitted on the last working day in November prior to the campus’ Thanksgiving Break, allowing for project completion and use by the following fall semester.

Project Development and Implementation Process

  1. Visit Client
  2. Scope Project
  3. Obtain Campus Deputy Building Official (CDBO) Direction
  4. Prepare Project Estimate
  5. Submit to Dept. for Funding
  1. Department Reviews Estimate 
  2. Department Obtains Fiscal Authorization Hierarchy (FAH) Approval
  3. Forward Signed Approval to PM
  4. PM initiates Phase 2
  1. Develop Construction Documents (CDs)
  2. Do Agency Reviews
  3. Re-scope as Needed
  4. Re-estimate as Needed
  5. Submit to Dept. for Funding
  1. Department Reviews Estimate 
  2. Department Obtains Fiscal FAH Approval
  3. Forward Signed Approval to PM
  4. PM initiates Phase 2
  1. Finalize CDs; Obtain Permit
  2. Bid & Award (if contract)
  3. Establish Support Contracts
  4. Construct & Inspect
  5. Close-out: Final; Bill; File Notice of Completion (NOC)
Project is complete.

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